What We Do

The place for all your performance needs. Your passion is our passion.

Custom Tuning

Whether your car is fully built, or you've just installed a few 'tasteful' modifications, we can help it run as efficiently as possible. Our tuner Andy will personally assess your vehicle and its modifications, and create a custom tune specific to your application. Our all-wheel drive dyno can accomodate a variety of vehicles, and you'll walk away feeling like you've got a brand new car!


Feeling like your car is in need of something more? Whether you want to install a bigger turbo, better exhaust, bigger fuel pump, injectors, water methanol injection, or a front mount intercooler, we can help you make your car everything you want it to be.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important on any car, but your performance vehicle requires a little more TLC. From oil changes, to tire rotations, to upgrading or servicing your brakes, we'll help keep your pride and joy running at its best.

More Services


If you're looking to buy parts, look no further. We carry a wide array of parts, both OEM and aftermarket, like headers, exhausts, turbos, brakes, and much more.


From welding, to custom brackets, we offer repair and customization options for your performance vehicle.


Problems are inevitable. And when they come up, it can be frustrating trying to figure them out. Our helpful team will take some of that worry away by diagnosing your vehicle, and providing options.

Build Consultations

Looking to build a car, but not sure where to start? Have some ideas, but not sure if they will work? We can help answer your questions, and guide you through the build process.

Engine Builds

Whether you want a more reliable setup, or you simply want to make more power, we can help you build an engine that suits your needs.

Track Preparation

No matter if you're an occasional visitor to the track, or an aspiring track star, our team can help you get your car ready for the harsh driving conditions that can be found at the track.