About Us

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Where We Started

Neetronics was founded by Paul Neethling in 1995. He was already an experienced rally racer, and had competed in both the Rocky Moutain rally and Tall Pines back in the 70s. After years of rally racing, Paul decided to retire from rallying and open Neetronics. It started as an ECU tuning shop, complete with an in-house AWD dyno, which was revolutionary to Toronto at the time. The first team he worked for ran a Nissan 240z, powered by an Electromotive engine management system, and piloted by Ahmud. In addition, CanJam Automotive, while prepping the Subaru Canada rally car, piloted by Tom McGeer, enlisted the help of Paul to help take them to the winners circle.

Where We Are Now

Andy Ng, the current owner and operator of Neetronics Automotive LTD, joined Paul back in 2002 . From there, Andy worked side by side with him until Paul's departure in 2011.
Andy has refined his tuning abilities over the years, and the result is a fully custom-tuned car, tailored to your application. Whether you just use your vehicle for daily driving, or you prefer to test its limits at the track, we have the options you need.

We also offer a full range of parts and installation services, as well as consultations. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is here to help, from answering questions, to providing options. And we like to have fun along the way!

”Awesome bunch of guys running this place. It's nice to have someone that knows what their doing working on your car as well as friendly and welcoming. 11/10 would recommend“

— DK

What Our Customers Say

Brian J

“As always, a great place hangout and talk to the mechanics or the techs AS they're fixing your car. After a tune from Andy it's like I'm driving a different car! A few [tasteful] recommended upgrades later and I'm 70whp further from stock! As always, can't wait to see you again!”

Brian J

Marko P

“Nobody better than Neetronics...Neetronics has all the knowledge and experience working and tuning cars but they specialize in JDM vehicles so I left all my faith with them... Always constant communication keeping me posted...I would definitely go back to have them continue doing more work.”

Marko P

Hunter T

“Love these guys and the tuning....omg the tune transformed the car. Very knowledgable and good pricing on parts and service. Will only come here.”

Hunter T

What We Offer

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance suited for your performance vehicle.


A variety of performance upgrades available for any application.

Custom Tuning

Fully custom tuning, tailored to your specific vehicle's needs.


A knowledgeable team that shares in the same passion, and can provide options for any situation.


Real people, easy to talk to, and willing to help you meet your goals in a reasonable time.


A collaborative approach to your questions and ideas, to help you make an informed decision.